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General Plan documents and maps will be posted as PDF files for public access as they become available. All documents are viewable on the web or can be downloaded by clicking on the document title below. To view documents in full screen click, “open publication.” Please note that in order to view downloaded documents, a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat or Foxit Reader is required.

Draft Program Environmental Impact Report
March 2018

In March 2018, the City released the Draft Program Environmental Impact Report.
Table of Contents (March 2018)
Introduction (March 2018,)
Summary (March 2018)
Project Description (March 2018)
Land Use, Population, and Housing (March 2018)
Introduction to the Environmental Analysis (March 2018)
Aesthetics and Visual Resources (March 2018)
Agriculture and Forestry Resources (March 2018)
Air Resources (March 2018)
Biological Resources (March 2018)
Cultural Resources (March 2018)
Geology, Soils, and Mineral Resources (March 2018)
Global Climate Change (March 2018)
Hazards and Hazardous Materials (March 2018,)
Hydrology and Water Quality (March 2018)
Noise and Vibration (March 2018)
Public Services and Recreation Resources (March 2018)
Transportation and Circulation (March 2018)
Tribal Cultural Resources (March 2018)
Utilities and Service Systems (March 2018)
Alternatives Analysis (March 2018)
Required CEQA Analyses (March 2018)
List of Preparers (March 2018)
References/Literature Cited (March 2018)
Frequently Used Acronyms and Abbreviations (March 2018)
Appendix A: Notice of Preparation (March 2018,)
Appendix B: Comments on the Notice of Preparation (March 2018)
Appendix C: Regulatory Setting (March 2018)
Appendix D: Folsom Holding Capacity Methodology (March 2018)
Appendix E: Air Resources (March 2018)
Appendix F: Biological Resources (March 2018)
Appendix G: Cultural Resources (March 2018)
Appendix H: Global Climate Change (March 2018)

Public Review Draft General Plan
February 2018

In February 2018, the City released the Public Review Draft General Plan to address comments made by members of the public. This version of the document includes revisions made to the Preliminary Public Review Draft in 2017.

Title Page and Table of Contents (February 2018, 171 kb)
Chapter 1: Introduction (February 2018, 2.7 mb)
Chapter 2: Land Use (February 2018, 2.1 mb)
Chapter 3: Mobility (February 2018, 859 kb)
Chapter 4: Economic Prosperity (February 2018, 477 kb)
Chapter 5: Housing (February 2018, 477 kb)
Chapter 6: Natural and Cultural Resources (February 2018, 837 kb)
Chapter 7: Public Facilities and Services (February 2018, 642 kb)
Chapter 8: Parks and Recreation (February 2018, 636 kb)
Chapter 9: Safety and Noise (February 2018, 467 kb)
Chapter 10: Implementation (February 2018, 713 kb)
Appendix B: Sacramento Regional Blueprint Growth Principles (February 2018, 111 kb)

Full Preliminary Public Review Draft General Plan (February 2018, 9.7 mb)

Previous Versions

Preliminary Public Review Draft General Plan (June 2017, 6 mb)

Errata Sheet (June 2017, 3 mb)
Public Comments (June 2017, 262 kb)

Preliminary Public Review Draft General Plan (April 2017, 8 mb)

Public Comments (April 2017, 262 kb)

Preliminary Public Review Draft General Plan (January 2017, 5.6 mb)


Notice of Preparation to Prepare a Program Environmental Impact Report

The City of Folsom will be preparing a Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR) to evaluate the proposed Folsom 2035 General Plan. The PEIR will analyze Land Use and Circulation Diagrams, goals, policies, and implementation programs, and a range of alternatives to the proposed Folsom 2035 General Plan.

The public review period for the Notice of Preparation is from August 17, 2017 to September 18, 2017. The City is soliciting comments on specific issues to be included in the environmental analysis.

Notice of Preparation to prepare a Program EIR (August 2017, 2 MB)

A scoping meeting will take place on September 13th, 2017 from 3-6 pm at the Folsom Public Library in the Library Meeting Room (411 Stafford Street, Folsom, CA 95630).

Emailed comments should be submitted to: generalplan@folsom.ca.us, with the phrase “Folsom 2035 General Plan NOP” in the subject line. Written comments may be sent to: Scott Johnson, Planning Manager, City of Folsom, Community Development Department, 50 Natoma Street, Folsom, CA 95630.


Folsom Workers Survey Summary

The Folsom Workers Survey (October 2014, 405 kb) was conducted in June and July 2014 in conjunction with the Folsom General Plan Update designed to help City staff and consultants better understand the values and needs of Folsom’s workers. Respondents answered questions about Folsom’s amenities and housing, as well as questions about who the respondents are and where they live.

Public Review Draft General Plan Background Report

Folsom BR Cover

The General Plan Background Report takes a “snapshot” of Folsom’s current conditions. It provides a detailed description of a wide range of topics within the city. This report provides decision-makers, the public, and local agencies with context for making land use and policy decisions, and is intended to be objective and policy-neutral.

Cover and Table of Contents (April 2014, 1.9 mb)
Chapter 1: Introduction (April 2014, 2.1 mb)
Chapter 2: Land Use (April 2014, 6.5 mb)
Chapter 3: Housing (April 2014, 3.5 mb)
Chapter 4: Growth and Development (April 2014, 1.3 mb)
Chapter 5: Transportation and Circulation (April 2014, 3.1 mb)
Chapter 6: Open Space and Natural Resources (April 2014, 2.5 mb)
Chapter 7: Parks and Recreation (April 2014, 1.1 mb)
Chapter 8: Public Facilities and Services (April 2014, 2.9 mb)
Chapter 9 Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (April 2014, 0.6 mb)
Chapter 10 Hazards and Safety (April 2014, 4.4 mb)
Chapter 11 Noise (April 2014, 1.8 mb)
Appendices (April 2014, 0.7 mb)

Adopted Housing Element

FolsomHE Cover_8.5x11

On October 22, 2013, the Folsom City Council adopted the 2013-2021 Housing Element.

Adopted Housing Element (10/2013, 6.6 mb)

HCD Conditional Approval Letter (09/2013, 659kb)


Draft Vision and Guiding Principles

The Draft Vision and Guiding Principles (06/2013, 859 kb) is based on hundreds of comments from residents at the first community workshop and from several questions posted on the online Town Hall Forum. The public is encouraged to review and comment on the Draft Vision and Guiding Principles on the Folsom 2035 Town Hall Forum.

Community Workshop #1 Summary: Opportunities, Challenges, and a Vision for the Future

The City held the first community workshop in the Folsom Community Center on April 2, 2013 and over 60 participants attended. The purpose of the workshop was to begin developing a vision for the General Plan, and to have the community identify the city’s major assets, issues, and opportunities on which the General Plan should focus. This document (06/2013, 4.9 mb) summarizes the public input received at the first community workshop.



MindMixer Summary #1

In November 2012 the City of Folsom launched the Folsom 2035 Town Hall Forum, a new community engagement website where residents can tell us what matters most to them about their community. This summary (01/2013, 849 kb) describes the input we have received to-date.



Newsletter #1

Folsom is beginning an update of its General Plan and is looking for community input. This first newsletter (11/2012, 1.1 mb) provides an overview of the project and describes all the ways the community can get involved.