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Phases of the 2035 General Plan Update

In August 2012, the City entered into a contract with Mintier Harnish Planning Consultants to update the General Plan. The City expects to finalize the new General Plan by the end of 2017.

The major steps in the General Plan Update are as follows:

1. Understanding Folsom

During this initial phase, the General Plan Team will review existing plans and studies and collect new data needed to form the baseline existing conditions analysis for the General Plan.  During this step, the Team will also work to raise awareness about future opportunities to participate in the General Plan Update.

2. Community Visioning

The community visioning process will include several opportunities for the community to get involved by attending workshops and participating in online discussions. This input from the community is essential for the next phases of the project and will be used to develop a vision of what Folsom should become in the future. The General Plan will be the City’s tool for reaching that vision of the future.

3. Goals and Policies

The goals and policies make up the heart of the General Plan. They are the mechanisms for achieving the community’s vision of the future. How will we build the community we envision in the future? These are the questions that the City will address at this point in the process, with input from Folsom residents, businesses, and stakeholders.

4. Public Review of the Draft General Plan WE ARE HERE!

The General Plan Team will prepare a Public Review Draft General Plan for public comment. The Team will present this plan at an Open House where residents will be invited to learn about the different topics covered in the General Plan and provide feedback.

5. Environmental Review

A General Plan is considered a project under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), so the City must analyze the potential environmental impacts of carrying out the General Plan. The General Plan Team will prepare an Environmental Impact Report, which will be released simultaneously with the Public Review Draft General Plan, with opportunities for community review and comment.

6. Plan Adoption

The General Plan will go to the Planning Commission and the City Council for public hearings. The City Council has the ultimate authority to adopt the General Plan. The community will have opportunities to provide comments to the City Council during the final public hearings.