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Why Update the Folsom General Plan?

The City of Folsom last updated its General Plan in 1988. Over the past 20 years, the city has changed dramatically, not only in total population but in the nature of the community. Folsom has transformed from a small suburban community into a vibrant, urbanizing mid-sized city. These changes require a reevaluation and updating of the assumptions and vision for Folsom that was laid out in the 1988 General Plan.

While the City has been moving forward with plans and improvements that enhance the quality of life for residents and promote sustainable development patterns, the City lacks a current comprehensive policy framework that recognizes these initiatives and serves as an effective guide to decision making. The City faces the challenge of balancing growth in a new annexation area, while preserving and maintaining distinct neighborhood characteristics, and fostering complementary and innovative infill and redevelopment opportunities. The new General Plan must address these issues as well as new State mandates and current topics that were not part of the 1988 General Plan, such as greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, flood safety planning, and complete streets.